New Blanket

Yes, summer has finally arrived here and I have a new blanket! I needed it earlier when it was rather chilly (and they turned the heat off in the building) so I started on this one. It took me about 5 and a half weeks. I had some trouble with my hand and was delayed somewhat.

This is made entirely of yarns from my stash. I found (by accident, when I opened a box) all of these coned yarns. They are very fine: about 2/16 and 2/24 in wool and some were a wool blend. I used to use these when I was weaving and now that I don't have room to put up a loom, I decided to use them up in knitting. I used about 5 to 7 strands of yarn together to knit this. i think I used a 4 mm needle (need to check my notes) and it was worked in the round. I had about 80-inch cable at the end.

There was no plan as to placement of colours. It was all designed on the go, digging out more yarn as I needed it, and looking back on it, I think I could have placed them differently. However, it all seems to have worked out quite well. Because I used various shades together (in oatmeal, browns, rust, grey, black and orange), there is a connection with all the final shades produced so that holds it together.

I like the idea of a hem on these things, so I worked a folded hem, and grafted it down on the back side. It is tedious work, and got boring too, but I enjoyed the grafting. That took me about 2 days. The final size is about 100x150 cm (or 40x60 inches in American). It could have been just a bit lager, but I got really tired of working on it, and wanted it done already! I have used it on my bed a couple of times, but is now set aside until it gets cold again! It does add that extra layer of warmth, when needed.

I am now planning a scarf worked in the same technique, but it is still only worked in my head. Maybe in time for winter!! (which will be here in a very short time)

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The blanket is beautiful and the hem is such a great idea.

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Very nice looking blanket. I've used that form of grafting on sweater necklines but never for other projects. I'll have to keep it in mind for future use.

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Very nice indeed.

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Nice Blanket and I like how the colours worked out.

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I like the colors a lot, very autumnal. It looks nice and comfy.

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How did you decrease for the hem?

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The body of the blanket was increased either side of the corner stitch every alternate round -- standard method.
For the hem, I decreased either side of corner stitch every alternate round.
As I worked, I thought the hem was wide enough (and I was tired of it), so I knit the turning row and did the back side of the hem. But when laid out flat, I realized that the hem was very piddly proportion-wise to the blanket itself. It should have been much wider. It is double-thick as well, so I also think I should have used only 4-5 strands rather than the 7 I used. In retrospect, I would have done it differently. It's alright and serviceable as it is. Next time!!

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Lovely colours and pattern design. I, too, have used the hem grafting on jumper necks and I think it gives a very fine finished look (as on your blanket). Thanks for sharing!

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