Fair Isle Knitting

Hello gents!

I don't know the ID of the gentleman who does the wonderful fair isle knitting on here but maybe someone could bring this link to his attention.

Found a wonderful vintage fair isle pattern online. Not sure if it'll be his cup of tea or not, but here's the link anyway.


Cheers fellas


Thanks for finding this fair isle sweater pattern! I am on my second pair of fair isle socks right now, both pair were knitted top-down, and two-at-a-time on the "Magic Loop". I have really freaked out the ladies in my knitting group by working with four yarns at once.

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Thank you for this pattern!

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Thanks for posting this vintage pattern. I've printed it and will have a look at it more carefully. The problem with these patterns is that they usually fit skinny young guys! But, of course, alterations can be easily made. I am always looking for interesting FI patterns with good colour combinations.

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