Knitted Mystery

Hope all is well with everyone. This is a photo of something I knitted and is so strange, just wondering if any members here want to take a guess at what it may be.

I will post a picture of the object in a few days.

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At first glance, I thought of a draft stopper. Then I realized it looked more like a balloon animal. So that is my guess.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

You are correct! It is a Pink Elephant Balloon Animal.

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And a right delightful pink elephant he - or she - is, too! Thanks for sharing this fun project. Is it for yourself, or a gift?

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

For myself, I soon will have more of these balloon animals knitted up.

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looking forward to seeing the completed animals!

Hi Bill, I have posted the pictures of the finished project. It is under the heading "Knitting Mystery has been solved". I hope you like it.

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Looks like a sausage cozy to me. ;)

Thanks for this guess. ;)
Joe-in Wyoming had the first guess, and he was correct! If you want to see the finished project I have uploaded the pictures in my blog entry titled "Knitting Mystery has been solved". I hope you enjoy this silly balloon animal.

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I would have guessed a knit model of a colon.

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Thanks for that guess. I have thought of knitting the digestive system of the human body for some time. The first guess from Joe-in Wyoming, was correct. If you want to see the silly finished project, I have posted it under the entry "Knitting Mystery has been solved".

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If I had read this post first, it would have answered the question I just asked on your later posting!

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Thanks for your comments!
If anyone looks closely at the photo in this blog entry, the tip of the elephant nose is the end of the balloon, and the beginning of the balloon is near the center of the photo where you would blow up the balloon and then tie it off.