Assistance - "Enclosing Bars"

Any video's out there… Help

K1, *drop next st off left needle and carefully unravel this st for 4 rounds (so there are 4"bars" of yarn above st), now K the st 5 rounds below enclosing the 4 "bars" of yarn in the st, K2 rep from *

I get most of this except the enclosing part - anyone have a clue - I tried finding a video… not luck yet.


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Yeaaaaah - Found a video…. finally.. LOL Drop Stitch Scrunch! Bam

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A beautiful stitch. Are you making a shawl?

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just means make sure you include all the bars as well as that stitch when you make the k1.

You will be making the new stitch through 5 strands

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Drop Stitch Scrunch...hmmm no wonder you could not find it anywhere LOL. The "official" term for this type of stitch is a tuck stitch, you should have much better luck searching for that. There are literally 100's of different looking tuck stitches, some with the bumpy side as the right side some other. This is a very popular machine knitting technique.
Please don't take this as a "know it all" comment, just always like to educate when I have the opportunity.

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Glad you found what you needed. I've an afghan pattern that uses this technique that is quite nice. Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy and has a great visual effect.

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This is what I really like about this site. An honest question, a correction, and voila, I also found videos on this stitch and have now learned it. Thanks guys!