Beginner's Knitting Course 2.0 now online

The new and improved Beginner's Knitting Course is now online! Thanks to so many of you for the input and suggestions on the first incarnation. I have incorporated as many of them as I could. I hope the result is pleasing, and a fitting tribute to the beginnings of our small knitting "tribe." Not perfect yet, but that suits me fine.

Click here to access the course… And please, pass on this link to your friends so they can sign up too.

Thanks for being a part of my knitting "tribe" and please, please, give me some comments and feedback on the new modules. The basic structure is the same, but I've added some enhancements I hope you'll like.
Warm Regards,
Michael Thompson

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Have had several new signups. Getting excited! More information at The Knitting Pro

BTW, what were the two biggest questions you had or problems you faced with you were a beginning kintter? Would love to hear from you at The Knitting Pro

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