Now a blanket LOL

My silk yarn arrived yesterday in the mail. I was a bit skeptical as the pic on ebay wasn't all that clear but the price I paid was great considering how much I would pay for 100% silk at the local yarn store.
Although its a 2 ply, its not a lace weight. Kinda in-between which I am happy about. It would be too thick for a night shirt.
It has a really nice delicate yellow shade and nice sheen to it. I started working on it and find it very well spun (I was worried it would fray once I started knitting) I am using size 2 circle (29) inch and holds the stitches well.
I have looked over some possibilities And found a nice easy design on Raverly that would work for a bed spread. Its really easy
The amount of yarn is enormous it went by weigh(1.5 lbs!) So I am not concerned about running out of yarn.
I will let you know how the progression goes


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Congratulations for thinking on your feet and adapting to the situation. I look forward to seeing how the blanket/coverlet turns out.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It's always nice when things work out, especially when you gamble with eBay. You will be busy for a very long time if you are going to make a bedspread out of yarn that fine, but I am sure it will be beautiful. What color is it?



Mark its a very light yellow very pleasant shade. I figure it will keep me busy during these cold evenings up there, and days unless your an eskimo not much you can do accept go to the gym. LOL

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I'm sorry it was not what you expected but...... I think the idea of a bedspread is a great idea and what a bargain you got. Wonderful that you can look for the silver lining. I am interested in the night shirt you had planned and will try to find your pattern. I would also be interested in the pattern you are using for the bedspread. Good luck