MWK and MWK/Ravelry

Just a quick thought - thanks Jesse for sparking this -
Do you belong to both Men Who Knit and Ravelry's group, MWK? If you find yourself using one more than the other?

I belong to both and check both regularly - every time I log in actually - but I do find myself posting more on the Ravelry group, where I can be in several groups and forums that cater to knitting men. I guess I should be more aware of this and post equally on both sites. After all, I have a first love for this site, as it was my first link to the online male knitting community.


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I follow both groups, Joe,...but there is less activity here, now that the ravelry group exists...and there is a facebook group with the same name...

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Like you, Joe, I have a first love for this site as well. I do post on Ravelry and always check out what my friends are doing.

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This is the only men's knitting site I frequent. Terry

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I find myself in the same situation as Bill & Ron; I still follow all the groups, but there is less activity here.

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Thanks for this post! I didn't know what a Ravelry group was, and certainly didn't know that a MWK one existed. Now I joined the group on Ravelry.

xtophercb's picture, then ravelry, then youtube, and then, and then, and then... somewhere down the line are the MWK site and MWK on ravelry... i need patterns, techniques and information, more than community and camaraderie.

this site has its merits of course, but it can also be a lot of higher-end, intimidating, finished items and minority-in-the-craft back-slapping (with lots of quiet time in-between). that may have been a huge boon at one time, but it's exponentially less rare that enjoy handcrafts (including knitting), or at the very least have an appreciation of handcrafts anymore. maybe that's a generational shift, maybe a pro of social connectivity.

what i would love, is a local group, but that's very unlikely anytime soon in my area. 150 miles from seattle, 180 miles from portland, in the central washington hinterlands, you don't get the same crowd. bottom line: technical know-how and on-demand help trump all, for me. that said, i'm still on both MWK outlets at times, so go figure.

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...any chance you can get over to the knitting conference at Tacoma. It's called Madrona, at the Hotel Murano. ...and there's no charge to attend or shop the sales room. Only charge is for taking classes. There's a lot of stuff going on for free!

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it's unlikely, but thank you for the information. i should be moving to the portland metro area this fall, and there are more opportunities there, i hope. i just have to wait it out.

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This is always my first stop, especially when I need help. I have learned so much from all the men here. I like that they share their finished products. I like seeing the workmanship and they are always so inspirational, at least to me. I learned to knit just 4 years ago and credit my success largely with this site. Thanks to all the guys who took the time out to send me notes of encouragement and mentoring, it always means the world to me. I find the Ravelry groups difficult to follow because the replies aren't grouped with the initial question or comments, but I'm learning my way around there as well. I learned a bit of Ravelry navigation while communicating with others who went to the retreats. I wasn't aware that there was one that was an offshoot of this site.


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I start at NWK on Facebook, then Ravelry, then MWK.

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Darryl started this group years ago, when there was no ravelry. We were part of a Monday Night Knit group in San Francisco. Several of those men and women are still knitting together on Monday nights.
MenWhoKnit has been a quiet, but very important part of the Men's Knitting world.

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Thanks, all, for the comments. I only do MWK and Ravelry since they fill my needs. In my case, it is because of the community and camaraderie. I have taken more advantage of the patterns and yarn information on Ravelry but not as much as other people I know. Of course, knitting mainly socks of my own design, there isn't a major demand for patterns in my life. LOL

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michaelpthompson's picture has long been one of my favorite haunts. Still friendlier and more helpful than other place, as far as I can see, much more community here. I do Ravelry and Facebook too, but this place is still more like home.

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