irregular rib raglan with toggle - Teva Durham

Good Evening All, Several years ago I picked up a copy of Loop-d-Loop , more than 40 novel designs by Teva Durham because I was drawn to this particular raglan. It is an interesting design knitted in the round with an irregular rib with asymmetrical arm holes. The right is shaped to accommodate a simple drop shoulder sleeve, while the left side has a raglan placket to match a raglan sleeve. the right side has a shoulder seam, whereas the left side, the back and front and sleeve end up on the collar. Here is a photo grab from ravelry of one i particularly like. I hope mine turns out as well. Regards to all. JRob

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Now that's different! I kind of like that... Terry

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I like it, too. Good luck.

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Pretty cool looking sweater. I like how it keeps the eyes busy while looking at it. We are so accustomed to following patterns and then tend to look away once the eye gets used to it. This sweater doesn't do that. I'm anxious to see yours when it's done.


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I looked up that book on amazon...and it says I bought it in 2012. ...guess I'd better hunt for it.... (grin)

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It ought to be interesting to see how your version turns out. Thanks for sharing.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Fantastic sweater! Look forward to seeing the finished project.