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I have not written here for some time. Just update that I am still knitting away. We got hit with a big snow storm yesterday so latter this am I will plow myself out.
So what did I do over this event? Went on line to ebay to bid on some yarn. LOL I have not done this before so not sure what to expect. But I won a bid on 100 % silk 2 ply yarn (suppose to be sunshine yellow-I don't see it in the pics) Its on a cone (thanks God for that) They didn't give the exact yardage but only the weight (1.5 lbs) Given the fact that 2 ply silk cannot weight too much I hope I got enough for my long term project.
I bought a recent copy of "Piecework" magazine as I like the historical knit patterns. One is for "Gentleman's Under-Shirt" (pg 21) . I like the pattern(done in Reversible Broken Rib). However I hope to modify this into a night shirt.
The pattern isn't very difficult and i would simply add more to the bottom of the patter for the length. I don't care much for long sleeves so I will reduce them.
I looked around the web plus Raverly trying to find other patterns for night shirts. I simply didn't find anything I like.
I know silk doesn't have much elastic to it so I hope with this stitch and the use of it as a night shirt might be good idea.
The original pattern calls for merino wool fingerling weight. I am not one for warm night shirts. So I hope this might be a good alternative.
Have any of you out there attempted any large clothing (besides sweaters)?


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The largest thing I attempted was a baby shawl for one of my came out over 6 feet across each side. I think the silk may be warmer than you expect for a nightshirt but could be wrong. Still, it should be fascinating to see how it comes together for you.

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Thanks Joe:
I have presently two knitted (very light machine) nightshirts. Since I like the bedroom cooler that isn't a problem. This however is 2 ply so will see how that works.
My issue on large projects is that I often get "bored" especially when you go row after row of endless stocking stitch
I was surprised I finished my first sweater with no issues. I did do a afghan; however it was done in chunky wool and completed pretty quickly(it was done primarily by squares each different texture then crotched together)
One reason I like making socks is that its short time. I can finish a pair in a few days. I have been making cowls and mittens same amount of time. I can see a finished project quicker and feel more satisfaction. (I am a "need it now" kinda guy)
But with larger ones I don't. (there is also the tactile quality of the yarn and colors as well) I get pretty bored. This pattern has a stitch that is easy to remember and the silk will be pleasant to work with, two positives. Another is good music in the back round(believe it or not I love Gregorian chants LOL) or a nice Brit movie(Downton Abby is up for bids)
I just received a notice that the yarn should arrive at my door next wed. Its coming from PA. As long as we do not have any more winter storms I will be excited.

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I heartily agree with music to work by - I love Gregorian chant also, by the way - and often put on "Queen's Greatest Hits" when faced by a stringent deadline: Freddie Mercury and the band really get my needles clicking.

I look forward to progress reports as to how the nightshirt knits up.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I always have two or three projects on the go (one of them is always a sock) and I take turns knitting on them. For instance this evening I knitted two rounds of a huge blanket I am working on. Ten rounds of a sock. And then sewed a sleeve seam in a sweater. I actually repeated this a couple of times. It always seems to keep me interested.