Remember I said I liked cables?

Here's a couple of pics of items I've knitted over the last 12 months that all have my favourite thing ever .... cables!

1. A jumper for my new great-nephew using Cascade 220 Superwash from the book 60 Quick Baby Knits.

2. A dark purple scarf of my own creation called Roving Cables Scarf using a cable pattern from a stitch book who's name I can't recall. I used Cleckheaton Merino Angora Silk 8 ply.

3. And another scarf, this time using Vanessa Lewis' Celtic Cable Scarf pattern and Socks That Rock (Rare Gems/Water colorway).

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I too, am a lover of cables. Your work is beautiful.....I'm going to go look for that scarf pattern right now..Terry

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What a gorgeous collection of cables. I don't work them very often but greatly admire them in other knitter's creations. Thanks for sharing.

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Beautifully executed cables! I admire any garment with cables. You have chosen the perfect colours to set-off the cables themselves (not always easily done). Are you a gansey fancier? Like fairisle knitting, cables have fallen out of fashion but I'm hoping for a revival of both in the very near future! Thanks for sharing your work with us.

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I've actually got a book on gansey patterns that was printed in the 80s but have yet to be brave enough to tackle a large project like that! :-)

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Beautiful cable and lovely work.

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All three are absolutely phenomenal! Great job :)

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Cables - I don't think I'd be a knitter without them! I love them too and the jumper you did have one of my favorites - Staghorn cables. If you send me an email, I'll send you a copy of my Barrington Braid ebook ... it takes the Saxon Braid cable you have in the second scarf to a whole new level. I think you'd like it!
Hugzzz 8-)

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Beautiful cables and beautiful knitting.......and welcome from another Sydneysider.

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Beautiful work. I love doing cables as well. I am now researching for a sweater for my son for Christmas that has cables. Haven't found just the right one yet. Thanks for sharing your handiwork. It's gorgeous!

Amazing detail and great colours. I think I will give cables a go