Has anyone ever tried to make a circle with magic loop???


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if you mean a circular garment like a hat or sweater, yes. You can pull the loop out anywhere you need to, move it whenever you wish. But I prefer using a circular needle closer to the correct size rather than magic loop.

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What I mean is a flat circle of varied sizes and diameters>>>>


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I know a lot of people have used Magic loop to do various circular shawls. I don't get how they manage the first few rounds when there are so few stitches; I usually use two short circs or dpn's when starting a circular piece but almost always do some magic looping at one phase or another.

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My mantra for doing circular knitting is the fewer the number of stitches, say 4 or so, the longer the cable between the needles. So, to make a circle using just 4 stitches as your CO, I would use a 32 or 40" cable. It's a bit floppy and fiddly at first, but it works for me. Truthfully, the reason I forced myself to learn this is because I am too cheap to go out and buy a second set of circs.


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If you are asking the formula for knitting a flat circle. There was a post by Looped in 2009 on knitting a flat circle.

Flat Hat Formula Redux

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I haven't done that...but Stephen West has a pattern for a big circular blanket, and I think there are others.

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I made a wine cozy and used the following for the base. It turns into a circle and you could just keep going and going until it gets as big as you want.
Hope this helps.

Row 1: Cast on 6 sts, join and knit 1 round even
Row 2: KfB across (12 sts)
Row 3: KfB across (24 sts)
Row 4: K 1 round even
Row 5: *K3, Kfb* repeat to end (30 sts)
Row 6: K 1 round even
Row 7: *K4, Kfb* repeat to end (36 sts)
Row 8: K 1 round even
Row 9: *K3, Kfb* repeat to end (45 sts)
Row 10: K 1 round even
Row 11: *K4, Kfb* repeat to end (54 sts)
Row 12: K 1 round even
Row 13: *K8, Kfb* repeat to end (60 sts)

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i'm working on a panel blanket that uses that technique for the middle. it's a rectangle, and being done in-the-round, but it started with magic loop. i had 14 stitches total, joined for in-the-round. placed markers at beginning, then after 3rd, 7th, and 10th stitches, so i ended up with a 4x3 ratio. kept alternating increase rounds and plain knit or purl rounds, and got all the way up to about the 60th or 65th round (200-something stitches, with 3 worsted strands held together) before it was almost too big for the 40" cable. bound it off. now working on another panel. it's a great technique for flat shapes since you can pull the excess cable out at any point, to make working a section easier.