tile stitch prayer shawl


I try to teach myself a few new stitches here and there, and then turn the stitch into a prayer shawl. I just finished a tile stitch prayer shawl that had great texture and drape. If any of you are part of this ministry within your faith, you can find my pattern on Ravelry under my name It's a free download.

Happy New Year


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michaelpthompson's picture

That's beautiful Louis. I love that blue color and the stitch pattern really sets it off. I did a Trinity Stitch prayer shawl for my mom, and she was quite pleased, but I don't do that ministry regularly.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Your shawls are all beautiful. I am sure that those who wear them love them, especially in this colder time of the year. You are a good man.