Done - Snow Tire Scarf - designed by Anne Hanson

So you ask what do you love - it is a classic. Anne’s pattern is extremely well written, easy to follow and a breeze to knit. Almost any fibre can be used and it would be wonderful. Everything we love in a project. The design is not overly complicated and knits up beautifully. Besides it just looks great. It is one of those patterns and designs that I envision knitting again and again. Everyone who saw it today loved it and those with balls asked if I could knit one for them. The repetitive repeat is pleasing to the eye at just the right length and width to me almost magical. Absolutely love it. Hope you like the finished product as much as I do. JRob

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I like so much of Anne Hanson's work.

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That turned out quite nicely.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I absolutely love that scarf!!! Might I ask where you got the pattern? I need a scarf, and would like to make that.


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Thank you so much. I didn't think of looking on Ravelry...DUH!!

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You did a great job on the scarf, JRob. It is quite handsome.


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Beautiful in Neutral! And You wear it well!