Just a pair of socks.

Nothing special, I did these for the wife if a friend who was having a
birthday. They were out of town and I was housesitting so I found a pair of her shoes and used them for sizing. That's not creepy, is it? :-))

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No, not creepy - just cleverly practical. Nice socks, too!

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Very colorful...and I don't think the shoe thing was creepy, just a good solution to a tricky situation.

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Lovely socks.

Very nice. I love colourful socks.


I knitted a pair of socks for my friend for xmas. I didn't know what size he was so i called up and told him this story about a thing on Facebook where scientist said food size had something to do with diabetes(and I are diabetic) larger the foot more inclined to it .
He believed me so that is how I got his size. NOW THAT IS WEIRD!!! HA!
I love those colours; I'm presently making a pair in llama (Llama Lace) I already made a hat and pair of mittens(first pair ever made!) I can't believe in our weather here how warm they are! And they are so light!.

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Clever, it reminds me of some of those tricks people play to get someone's name when they've forgotten it. ;)

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The length of your foot is the same as the length of your forearm.

You know what they say about big feet? Big...forearms.

Go head and measure! From heel to toe should be the same as from elbow to wrist. The study of these ratios in body sizing is called anthropometry. This science has been extremely useful over the years in such areas as clothing design, forensics, and studies of human migration patterns over time.

Shoe size is also a pretty good indicator of height. However, foot length correlates with height more with men. For women, it's easier to estimate height based on foot width.

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those socks. I wish I were just as adventurous with color.

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Thanks. Just march to your local yarn shop and grab the gaudiest sock yarn you can find, then knit a pair of socks for someone. :) (I probably wouldn't wear socks like that but I have several friends who will so I justify such purchases.) ;)