Koolhaas Hat

if you don't mind cables, this is a great hat. You can do them without a cable needle.

The pattern was not clear at one point in the decreases for the crown; they put one stitch in parentheses as a description only rather than just calling it a double decrease. So I thought it was a description of the stitch before it. Once I did a bit more math I figured out that it was a stitch in and of itself and the rest went quite smoothly.

I did do the extra roll, because I have a big head, and it made the head a little bit too long to where the normal way. But to be honest, I like it better with the edge turned up. If I make it again, I will add a little more edge to facilitate that.

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Thunderhorse54's picture

Well sir, I rather like that hat! Both the color and pattern are very masculine.

CLABBERS's picture

Very cool hat! The pattern looks like it would be fun to do. What pattern did you use?


bobinthebul's picture

Hi - it's called Koolhaas. You can find a link to it on Ravelry.

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This is a fun knit. You did a beautiful job. I hope it keeps you warm.

Crafty Andy's picture

Great job. This is one of those challenging hats that are a lot of fun to make.

bobinthebul's picture

Yeah, I got through all those cables, maybe I'll get inspired and finish my Bretheren Socks. ;)

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Great hat, Bob. I agree that being able to turn up the edge makes it look even better.

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