Help understanding Provisional Cast-on method

I have seen a number of questions about "What is the best Provisional Cast-on" There is a question on the Ravelry Men Who Knit forum that I have been reading.

For full disclosure, I have never used a provisional cast-on (well maybe 1, that will come later). My understanding is that a provisional cast on is designed to allow knitter to cast on and knit in one direction and when finished, removed the provisional stitches and knit in the other direction. A provisional cast-on can also be used to create a hem for a garment.

I have seen two basic methods of provisional cast-on 1) regular cast, and then pick-up stitches 2) waste yarn cast-on and then remove the yarn until you have live stitches.

My question is "What about Judy's Magic Cast-on?" Maybe I have knit too may socks. A figure 8 cast-on might work but I think Judys would be better. Using two circular needles cast-on the required stitches. If the circular needles are interchangeable replace the needles with cable ends. If fixed wrap rubber bands around needles to keep the stitches from falling off.

Knit with the "live" stitches until completed. To pick up the provisional stitches either replace the cable ends with needles and start knitting, or remove the rubber bands and keep knitting.

Last night I watched KnitFreedom on knitting a hem. I tried this using Judy's magic cast-on and found the "picking-up" of stitches very easy.

Has anyone seen this method suggested before.


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Cacunn, yes you can definitely do this! And I found it to work very well. I posted about it earlier in the year. CLICK HERE if you'd like to go to that post. I hope you find the info helpful! - Ken

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I'm not a big fan of provisional casting on, but it has it's place. When I do socks, I always do toe-up and use Judy's Magic Cast On and really enjoy how it looks. I did use the provisional when I made the Seaman's Scarf. I used the cable from the KnitPicks interchangeable needles because they have the screw-on ends that would work the same way as the rubber bands in your description, I think.
Then I knit the ribbing for the back of the neck then worked down the left-hand side of the scarf. Then, I went back and picked up the provisional cast on stitches and worked my way down the right-hand side. That way, both sides of the scarf mirror each other exactly. The nice thing is that the process is seamless and flows perfectly. It took me awhile to get the hang of the casting on, but it was worth it.

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Clabbers and KenInMaine thanks for the comments,

Clabbers I have Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles and use screw on ends similar to the KP's.

Ken maybe I go the idea from reading your post and then forgot the post and remembered the technique.

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Great minds think alike, right? Lol