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I'm a little confused by the terminology. It lists a "knit one front and back" as the same as a bar increase...? I know the bar as the yarn that runs between stitches, and a "make one" as pulling up that bar, twisting and knitting it (R or L as need be).


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no one seems to have commented about your question. They're both ways to "make one"...but I think they look different. Not sure which is better. I usually do a "knit one front and back".

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Some people call the knit front and back a "bar increase" because the second portion has a bar across the stitch (much like a purl stitch) -
but others call the M1 (lifted bar) a "bar increase"

As with many knitting terms it depends on whom you are speaking with.

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I like to use the M1 (lifting the bar) or by lifting the loop below. KFB is good sometimes but in some knitting it is a bit disruptive to the pattern I think. In a sock I'd always use the M1 L and M1 R.

In Turkey the standard method in socks is just wrapping a loop around the needle and knitting into it so that it twists. It leaves a bit of a hole but not all that bad.