Striped Corrugator

Hi all,

It's been quite a fall/early winter and I haven't been on much. At the end of September, I moved back to the US after 14 years in Turkey. I have been knitting here and there though,and as life settles down, I've slowly been getting back into old habits. :) Also enjoying some new ones!

My cousin loves the scarf called "The Corrugator," and has knitted many of them for friends. I like it too, but always thought it would look nice striped, so I adapted it a bit. It's completely reversible and basically a garter stitch.

The regular pattern calls for:

RS: *sl k k k* ending with a knit
WS: sl k *sl k k k*

Note - the slip stitches are done with the yarn IN THE FRONT.

To add a second yarn and have a nice edge, I did:

RS: k k k k (with new color) *sl k k k* ending with a knit
WS: sl k *sl k k k* ending with a slipped stitch.

When you bring up the alternate yarn from below, you can put it in front of or behind the yarn you just knit; both will give you a nice edge, just be sure to stay consistent!

Here I used a thick Lamb's Pride for the black, and a Malabrigo (or was it Manos...can't remember) for the colored stripe.

Wishing everyone a happy 2015!


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Looks great. Welcome back & glad to see you on the forum again. Happy Hew Year. JRob

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Glad to have you back, Bob!
Handsome scarves!

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I'm glad you're back too. Love the scarves...I might make one or two.

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Beautiful scarf. I will print out the pattern and keep it for another time. Thanks!
To where in the US have you returned?


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Hi - I'm in Seattle.

The original pattern, if you want to do it in one color, is here:

It looks great in any variegated yarn, and self-striping yarns are also nice. One caveat - don't use a wool that's too flimsy or loose because it will stretch out really fast if you do.

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Thanks for the link to the pattern and the advice about the sturdiness of the wool.


welcome to the US hope you find it well!

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Gorgeous scarf!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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That's a great looking scarf! I have only made two scarves in all my time knitting. I just found them to go on forever. HOWEVER, this one might just make me try one again! Thanks for the pattern!

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Yeah, scarves are definitely a time commitment! But it's nice to have a couple nice scarves around. And unless it's a lace scarf, they are often good "trained ape" knitting that you can do mindlessly while you watch TV or gab with friends. :)

Lace scarves are nice in that after you learn the pattern, you can go pretty quickly because all those holes let you make quick progress!

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Gorgeous scarf, Bob. Welcome back to the forum...I was wondering why we hadn't seen you for a while. Now we know. Hope the move back wasn't too stressful and hope you are doing well.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.