Simply Scrabble

I am working on an article for my blog that will begin a series that helps folks use their stash for little gifts and such. My mother is an avid Scrabble player and she has an old game that still uses with the original bag. I got to wondering just how many hands with potato chip grease, among other nasty things, have been in that bag.
The simple solution was to make her a new Scrabble bag for Christmas. I used Lion Brand Tweed Stripes Bulky with size US 8 circulars. I used Jenny's Magic Cast On and it knit up nice and quickly. It only used about 45g (1.6 oz). I used a 3-stitch i-cord and a little tassel to add a bit of flair. Nehkhasi, you should enjoy the overall purple hue. It's a bit iridescent under fluorescent lighting which also ads to it's fun.



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What an awesome gift for your Mom. I'm sure she loved it!

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Thanks, Ken. I gave it to her tonight and she does love it. We put it to immediate use!


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What a nice gift.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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One of the best things about knitting is how it connects us to others. This is a great example of thoughtful(ness) knitting. Not to mention a great idea for using odds and ends of unused yarns.

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Jesse, you have hit the nail squarely on the head! I find that just knitting without a person in mind is simple repetition. That's not a bad thing, because we all need practice. I made socks for my brother this Christmas and his partner just loves them, which pleases me even more because now I can make another pair and give them to him! I think a lot about those for whom I knit things. Because most of my relatives live so far away, when I knit for them, I mentally visit with them every time I pick up the yarn and the needles. It's my way of feeling close.


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I definitely love it! I like scrabble too, though I may not play to your level. I looked Clabbers up! It loves as if there is a hue of green in there also! It's cute! I know your Mother was ecstatic!


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Clabbers is a game that is far beyond my mental acuity. But, I do enjoy playing regular Scrabble. If you would ever enjoy playing, I have it downloaded onto my iPhone and iPad, and I would be happy to play it with you anytime. My mom did enjoy the gift and knew that this year after a divorce, buying a house, buying all new furniture, and starting life over again has been a mentally and financially draining episode. She knows that this simple gift is the biggest I could give right now. She also knows that the even larger gift is my moving to be near her in case she needs help. She's 88 now and while life seems hard for me at age 61, I know it's even harder for her. I also feel good about being near her because she needs family.


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You have given your mother the gift of your being close enough to help. That is a HUGE gift! (I'm far away from my children, and it worries me.)