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Happy Holidays All,

Well Barndom is coming off the needles just in time for Christmas. I love the bind-off technique. I have never used this method before. BO all stitches loosely on RS row as follows, (k2tog tbl, slip st back to left needle) to end of row. It creates a beautiful edge.

Hope your New Year is filled with fantastic yarn, great patterns and wonderful garments,

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Many thanks for that--- do you have a photo to show what it looks like? always interested in trying new methods of binding off.

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Many thanks for that

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I'll get a close-up for you to see and post it tonight. JRob

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I was interested, too, so I watched a couple of Youtube videos on the method. It is very easy and I liked the look of the finished edge. It is recommended for any place where an elastic edge is preferred. I wonder if you think it would work for a button band for a cardigan or neck and sleeve bands for a slipover? I am always trying to improve the look of the edges on bands.

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I just added two photos from different angles as requested. Hope they are what you wanted. JRob

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This particular bind-off is especially excellent when making anything lacey because the bound off edge is so elastic. I use it exclusively for lace shawls edges.

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I agree - when I want a VERY elastic edge then I add in an additional stitch:
*k2togtbl; slip stitch back to left needle, k1; slip stitch back to left needle; repeat from *

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That's a tip I've not run across before...thanks for sharing.

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Last year, Liat Gat released a video course on Bind-Offs. I think she shows about 45 different Bind-Off techniques:
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