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I've noticed that many members are able to post pictures directly on to the MWK page so that there is no need to click attachments, would someone please tutor me concerning this method and process?


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If you put your photos into Flickr, they provide you with the HTML coding required to show the pictures in your posting. Then click on the picture.
Then click on the little curved arrow at the bottom, right-hand side of the viewing screen.
You will see a pop-up window.
Click HTML
Set the size to about 500 x 375 (Medium).
Copy the blue highlighted code.
Past that into your posting on MWK.
It's that simple.

You may had to adjust the size, bigger or smaller depending on the size that works best for you. Do a preview here on MWK first to make sure it's what you want.

Hope this helps.

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Thank You Mark! This sound very informative!


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Tried to reply to this, but I can't figure out how to display html code as plain text. Here's the scoop. When you attach a file, there's a link in the attachment list to where the image is posted. Copy that link and use the img tag to embed it yourself. Put img src=url (the one you copied) inside of carets <> where you want the picture displayed. Same code Mark was talking about and it's fairly simple to generate yourself.

If you want to specify size, just use height= and width= inside the same set of brackets. Make sure to increase or reduce the numbers by the same percentage so the picture stays proportional.

I also like to add align=left so that the photo displays on the side of the page and the text wraps around it. All this goes inside the brackets after the picture's url.

Hope that adds rather than distracts. :-)

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