Brethren socks in white

White Brethren (4)
Yes they are in white
White Brethren (3)
I am done just in time for Thanksgiving , I have made the Brethren in white. It is amazing to be able to make socks for yourself. Next week I am hoping to work on my Cardigan and on two hats that I have designed, I am testing them as we speak. I also have a new pattern for a scarf that promises to be fun. In the meantime have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving 2014. Thanks for stopping by!
White Brethren (9)


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Beautiful in any color, Andy! Beautifully made as well. :)


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Very nice as usual Andy but I have to ask. How many pairs have you know knitted up? JRob

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This is my 13th pair and I have given 3 away

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Wow...13 pairs. I will feel great if I accomplish a few more versions. Great looking socks, as always.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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...and what colour are you planning to dye those, Andy????