Newborn Horizontal Cabled Hat

Hi Fellow Knitters,

I come and go and I'm back...I've warmed up my knitting needles with a couple projects so far shown below. I'm now looking for a pattern for a newborn hat that I'd like to make for a dear friend's newborn baby due in Dec. I know it will be simple once i find a pattern for a braided cable that can be fit into about 12 stitches. The picture of what I'd like to shoot for is also below. Furthermore, since I'll be knitting up and picking up stitches along the top edge to make the dome of the hat does that mean that I just have to sew the ends together? Now that I'm writing this I am now wondering is there a way to do this hat with the horizontal cable and make it a dome shape and now square top? Any help would be appreciated.

Happy Knitting!

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You shouldn't stay away so long. We need all the Mad Knitters we can get!!


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I can't see the top of the hat, but what you could do is knit the brim and the cable flat, bind off and then seam the ends. Once that's done, you can pick up and knit the edge in the round to create the top which would give in the rounded or "domed" shape you're looking for, I believe.

Good luck!

-- Mark

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Nice seeing you Edwin.
It's always nice when a member of MWK resurfaces. I am glad you have continued to knit. I hope to see more of your work.
I like the projects you have made. I especially like the cabled scarf. I have seen that pattern online in a few places and want to make it for a friend of mine living in the Midwest.


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I've knit a similar hat for an adult but it was knit flat, then seamed and the dome/crown picked up and knit. You could do a provisional cast on and then graft the two ends together to avoid an obvious seam, if you wish. As to a horizontal cable...I don't recall ever coming across one in any books, etc. that I've access to.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

What pattern did you use for the cowl? I love it!