Dearest brethren....

I haven't been particularly active lately, but I thought I'd drop you a quick note to let you know that all is well.

We're now living in Portici, Italy (Naples)... working hard on learning our Italian... our girls have officially started school, and JJ and I are looking at officially starting work in December and January (me, serving 2 congregations - one in Portici and one in Ponticelli, and JJ founding a social services agency as a partnership between the Reformed Church in America and the Waldensian/Methodist Church in Italy).

We've been here just a hair over a month and I'm glad to announce that I've found a LYS (although whether it will become "my" shop or not remains to be seen) and several vino sfuso shops (decent bulk wine at incredible prices)... what more could I ask for?

The Men's Knitting Community has been such an important part of my life - I felt some kind of update was appropriate :-)

Grace and peace,


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Great news, Tim!
...glad you're begging to settle in...and have found a congregation or two.
What a wonderful adventure for your daughters!

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I hope you have a great time in Italy. Although I can't imgaine not having a wonderful time in such a lovely country with such lovely people, food, wine, ........ An opportunity of a lifetime.

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Greetings, dear Tim and family. I've been wondering how things are faring and glad that all is moving forward smoothly. Keep in touch and I - for one - look forward to hearing more about your family's adventures in a new setting. Blessings on you all - Joe

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.