Hounds Tooth for a Hound

One of our dogs is always cold. She sleeps under the blankets and as close to the fire as possible without going up in flames. I decided to quick-knit this coat for her. I was amazed at the hounds tooth pattern I was able to knit. She is loving this garment and she doesn't try to get it off. I want to make her another but next time a pull-on jumper instead of a coat with buttons. Does anyone have some links to dog patterns to suggest? I thought I'd get recommendations first before just wading into the internet.

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You've just redefined adorable!
Jesse, you did a brilliant job with that coat! The hounds tooth pattern is beautiful as well. Well done!


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I do believe my dear Aunt Anne had a Chanel suit in that pattern...what we do for loved ones. No patterns to suggest...you have topped any and all I've noticed! Quick-knit indeed...my skills jealousy just rose 50%, tempered only by great admiration and a business plan...

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That coat is so charming. Absolutely lovely pattern.

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Very nice dog coat, Jesse. I think there may be some patterns on Ravelry but I don't know of any off the top of my head...I'm mainly a cat person.

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Very cute. Is there a general stitch pattern available? I think it would be a nice pattern for fingerless mittens or throw pillows, maybe a lap blanket.

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It's very simple and I'm certain the stitch pattern could be found in almost any book on knitting stitch patterns. I have always been fond of the hounds tooth pattern, ever since the distant 1960s.

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how great.

you could start a new business!