Wrist Warmers

I bought Arne and Carlos's new book "Norwegian Knits with a Twist" and really liked the wrist warmers. The pattern called for a dk weight which I couldn't find but did find some suitable Jamieson Smith Shetland in 4 ply jumper weight. I had to swatch and do a bit of math to achieve the correct size. They were a fun knit.

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Cool! The primary colours are so clean and crisp. I like that! Tell us more about the book, please.

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The book is written by two men who live in an old railroad station in Norway and collect antiques - including knitting patterns. Their names are Arne and Carlos and are knitwear designers ( I think mostly for the Japanese market). They became famous for their book 55 Christmas Balls to Knit. This book has mittens, sweaters, pillow covers, sweaters all desgined from old patterns and/or photos. They also have a book that has whimsical patterns for little animals and flowers to knit and crochet. I actually bought the book for the wonderful photography.

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This is a great project for those interested in multi-colored knitting. I may have to buy the book! Well done.

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Those are quite nice and I like the colors you chose.

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