Ankle Socks

It is amazing how difficult it is to learn a new skill. With this pair of ankle socks, I was bound and determined to conquer the Wrap and Turn stitches in the heel. The first sock was ripped out several times, not because I hadn't learned to do the W&T but because I let my concentration wander and made silly little mistakes. The second sock, I finished last night and I turned off my computer, TV, phones, etc., etc. I had to giggle because as I passed each spot where a mistake was made on the previous sock, I nodded at how careless I had been. I did the gusset, turned the heel, and then did the French heel without making a mistake. My hands were sweating on the last row of the heel, as I was thinking that this would be equivalent of the victory lap, or row. Once I was past that, the rest was simple. Amazing how much concentration is needed, not just for the new stitches, but for maintaining enough focus to do the simple ones as well.

These socks aren't much to look at but I enjoyed making them. They will go on their first summer hike tomorrow. I've never worn wool for hiking, but have heard it is the best thing to wear. So, onward!


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Great job with these! The yarn is really nice. What a cool colorway!


I made me a pair of ankle socks for walking. I love them. They provide more cushion than cotton and more absorbent. I also made a few for wearing with my clogs during summer vs the longer ones and I love them too.

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I also wear my own ankle socks in my runners. Yours are lovely and I hope you enjoy them.

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Thanks, guys. Your kind words are appreciated. I wore them today and they felt great.

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Thanks Andy. I thought of you often when I was making them because of the vibrant colors.


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Look quite good. I've come to enjoy my wool socks all year round and love the way they cushion my feet when standing for long periods of time.

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Thanks Joe. I really do like the way they feel on my feet. They feel so different from cotton socks.

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Very Nice and great color!


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Thanks, Nehkhasi for the kind words.

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great looking socks mate ! I would love to knit socks ! But I will start with casting on first !

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Thanks for the compliment.

I used YouTube to learn almost everything I use in knitting. Here are some excellent sites for great online video tutorials.

And of course my blog, which isn't video yet.

Just don't stab yourself in the eye.


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In olden days that color stocking
Was looked on as something shocking,
But now, God knows,
Anything Goes!

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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Interesting social commentary.