My latest article: Decreasing in the Round Article

Here is my latest blog article that I wrote for the good folks at Stitch and Unwind. If you get a chance, please check it out. I wrote the article about decreasing using circular needles using this hat because it was requested in the comments to an earlier article.

You can find it at:

Tutorial: Using Circular Needles and DPN for Decreases in the Round

If you are having trouble with the link, here is the URL.

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I just read through your article. VERY helpful, especially the hint about giving a bit of a tug on stitches to help smooth out a ssk!!!!!

I'll be making one of those hats real soon, as soon as I complete The Brethren socks....!


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Thanks Terry! I'm glad that I could help. I learned that little tug while making a sweater that had a K6, P1 repeat. That little tug made all the difference in how neatly those purl stitches lined up when worn. Without that tug, the purls tend to be just a tad inconsistent.


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Thanks Mark!

Isn't it amazing when a you make a tiny change, over time, enormous things happen!

Like calculus.

Or jangling a set of car keys in front of a teenager when the trash is overflowing, covering half the kitchen floor!

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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Hi Mark,
Ockham's razor strikes again!