Great nephew's sweater

I had to do the neck to finish this and accomplished that this morning. Little Ben will be two in January. I used a pattern that I made up myself that is roughly based on EZ's percentage system. DK acrylic (that I bought here in Mexico) and 4mm needles.

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That is a great looking little sweater. I hope the young fellow enjoys it immensely.

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Acrylic was a smart choice for a little one. We recently unearthed some of the sweaters that my wife's mom made for my son. Acrylic certainly wasn't the same back then as it is now! It's really does feel like spun plastic! But we still have it. It's also a raglan style sweater, perhaps even from EZ's pattern back that many years.

Anyway, nice job. It will make for an excellent keepsake!


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Good work! Like the color...Grey almost to darkened silver, Nice pattern too!


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What a beautiful grey color! I have yet to make a sweater for myself, I should finish the one I started.

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Great color, Excellent work (as always) Hope he enjoys it.
Acrylic has it's merits, machine washable is always a plus.