Photos Received --- Thanks guys!

I have the first draft of the article written. I have enough photos now and they look great. Thanks!

Does anyone from the retreat have a group picture? I'd love to put that at the end.

original post

The publishing company that hosts a knitting blog has asked me to continue writing for them. I met with the owner of the company yesterday and he was very enthused when I told him about this site, as well as the retreats. I would really like to write a nice, full-bodied article which would include photos. I know there are many photos online through the Men's Retreat site, but I would rather ask you all here to provide some, in essence you would then be giving me permission to use them. If you have one of yourself that you would like to have featured in the article, please send it to me at Make sure you identify yourself and what is going on in the photo, and the location.

I am going include links to this site, to the Men's Retreat site, and the Sunshine Mountain Lodge site. If your photos show other places, I will try to get them included.

Jonathan, if you have a Web site for your yarn, I'd be happy to include that as well, as long as I could use your handsome face in the article.

My goal is to have this article to my editors by July 2.

Thanks, guys, in advance for your help.

Here is a collection of my articles thus far.



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I enjoyed those articles, Mark!
...very clear writing and wonderful photographs!

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Hey Bill...thanks for you compliment. I talked to the owner of the company and told him about your difficulty with all the newsletters. As I suggested, he said to just access the site and unsubscribe to the newsletters that you don't want. I don't get any of them, but I like the site. He has 30 different all-free sites and each one comes with a newsletter. That's just too many emails for me!


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Hey Mark, here's a link to my photos. Nothing great, but you're welcome to use anything you like from them.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Thanks, Michael! The photos of the scenery are stunning! I appreciate the offer to use them.