Alpaca Blankets for Sale

I have a friend who is in Kansas and she and her husband have a small little herd of five alpacas. She says she has some of last and this year's sheering.
Let me know if you are interested in purchasing any. From what my wife told me, nothing has been cleaned or prepared. It would be the raw sheering. She is going to be charging $5/pound plus shipping. Each blanket is about 3.4 pounds. She says that is less than what others are charging for raw, uncleaned.
Email me at

Here is the text of her message.
"Here are a few pictures of the alpacas. I don't have any more pictures. I can take pics of them separately, but now they have short fiber. I'll enclose a pic of a couple of them with short fiber. They look thin with their haircuts.
The colors are white, light fawn, medium fawn, medium brown, and true black.

"What I would sell are the blankets. Meaning, the back and side fiber of the alpaca. That's the good prime stuff. We also do have what is called "seconds". That is shorter fiber from the belly and neck and legs.

"When it’s cooler out, I'll go look in the storage and get samples of the fibers."


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how can we get in touch if we are interested in the fiber you can email me at Im primarily interested in black and white fiber I have fawn right now and I just love alpaca fiber


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I will pass the information along to the owner of the alpaca and she will get in touch with you via your email. I have asked her to put the word "alpaca" in the subject line so you will know what it is all about. She is in the process of setting up another email account so she will use that instead of her personal one. Good luck. I hope you like what she has.


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Awesome! I have plenty of alpaca this year but if she is going to do this at next years shearing I would be delighted to take some off her hands! Where in Kansas is she? I just got back from there this week from visiting my family. I had a friend who had a friend with a few alpacas near McPhearson and when we went to see them she gave me the 4 fleeces which is why I can't take any more right now. Have her email me as well and maybe if she has some in the future that she doesn't know what to do with I could buy from her.

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I got your email on yahoo and forwarded it to her. She will get in touch with you soon, I am sure.