am i ass-u-m[e]ing too much?

is there a style of knitting, whether on regular needles, or DPNs, or circs, that lets you avoid purling, by turning the needles somehow? maybe by using dpn's and sliding the stitches to the opposite end of your needle and turning your work, etc?

i'm thinking something where if the pattern says:
knit 5, purl 10, knit 5, slip 2 purlwise

you could instead just:
knit 5, abracadabra turn and knit 10 the fancy way, abracadabra turn and knit 5, abracadabra turn and slip 2 knitwise...

regular purling is a nonstarter. many many hours of practice and i'm still some combo of dyslexic and spastic. and backwards knitting seems to be a nonstarter too. just too damn hard to convert that into a regular pattern...

so, is there some level-35 knitting master technique that makes it all better and means you never have to purl again?

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my sympathies. it took me 40 plus years to learn how to purl.

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You can knit backwards and avoid purling all along. You may also try the Portuguese style knitting, which makes purling a bit easier. Boy you are on fire! Keep up the good work.

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If you don't like to purl, then don't. It's that simple. Just knit all the stitches! It won't be the same as the original, and it doesn't have to be. Do it your own way.

Now, of course, if you NEED to do some purl stitches to add that texture, then I guess there is no other way round it -- gotta purl! One of the reasons I learned to do all my work in a circle is so as not to purl. You can always cut the fabric to make it a flat piece.

However, sometimes you just need to do a purl stitch, and you just have to learn how. You might also learn the Portuguese method of knitting.. purling is very easy that way. And there is this way too:

You may consider this method:
Perhaps this:
Or this?: