help with a freestyle "yarnover/knit 2 together" pattern...

using size 8 circulars and 3-ply sayelle (acrylic) parisienne DK yarn from mary maxim. cast on 150, joined in the round for a cowl/neck warmer. now, trying to do a pattern of:

* knit 1, yarn over once, knit 2 together once
knit 2, yarn over twice, knit 2 together twice
knit 3, yarn over 3 times, knit 2 together 3 times
repeat from *...

(all in basic knit stitch in-the-round, btw, since i know that'll come up) so that it has an all over lighter/lacy appearance, and it's not working. i don't seem to have enough 'stretch' or extra room in my first working round, to get the "knit 2 together" more than 1 set at a time. i used long tail cast on, and doubled the needles. not sure if i should re-cast using 9s or 10s doubled, or what...

any insights?

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Using bigger needles does not make a cast on looser but will make it a lot sloppier. If you can picture a cast on as knots with loops on top, you can see that you don't want bigger stitches you want extra yarn between the stitches. Try a Bavarian Twisted (or German Twisted) cast on. That cast on provides a twist of yarn between the stitches and makes it very elastic.

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Hi Kris,
What are you making? I'm guessing a cowl.

Here are some video tutorials on how to do the German Twisted Cast On.

Staci at is really a good instructor.

Here's another that is essentially the same without the thumb action.

Here's another video from Liat Gat at KnitFreedom. It's a bit more fiddly but it makes sense. It will take you a long time to cast on 150 stitches. but it looks nice.

Hope this helps.


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mark - yup, a cowl ("...cast on 150, joined in the round for a cowl/neck warmer. now, trying to do a pattern of:...") & thanks for the video link for german cast-on.

ron - also, thanks for the explanation and german cast-on recommendation.

so far from here,, & ravelry, the advice and consensus is…

try german cast on for more stretch
try a full row of just knit before the pattern
remember that with multiple yarnovers, i’ll have to knit, purl, knit, (not just knit knit knit)

and also got a lot of helpful people between all 3 posts/sites who pointed out that the pattern doesn’t equal 150 stitches, so if i wanted actual lined up columns i’d need to adjust the count (and then many proceeded to do the math for me, bless them), but it’s an experiment, so was just going to do it as a random all-over effect.

so many people to thank for chiming in, as usual, so many many thanks to all ;)

(also, a helper at ravelry wondered about my cable length, which is 16" with the cast-on stitches filling up 75-90% of it before any kind of joining, so it's well within acceptable limits, but still not getting the ‘stretch’ i’d like)