Jacob's Ladder Seaman's Scarf

My brother wanted a light scarf that was akin to USA red...that's my term for the color. So, I got the color pallet for the Olympic clothing and finally found some yarn that matched pretty well. I always enjoy doing cables, so this scarf was a fun way to practice that skill even more. I used yarn I had never seen before by Caron. Vickie Howell is the name and the type is called Stitch.Rock.Love SHEEP(ish). It's made in Turkey and is 70% acrylic and 30% wool. The reason I chose this was because it was relatively inexpensive and knowing my brother, it will end up in a ball in the corner of his walk-in closet, or left behind somewhere as he is traveling through Germany. The photo color isn't the actual color. The red in the photo looks like it has a maroon tinge to it and the real yarn does not. It's vibrant red.



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Mark, that is a beautiful scarf; nice craftsmanship on it. I love the way to scarf transitions from the the lower half to the neck area. I'm sure that gives a better fit on the neck. That is ingenious and I'm sure your brother will enjoy wearing it.

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Thanks Calvin. I enjoyed making it once I figured out the modifications to the pattern.

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Very handsome!
...hate the thought of your brother "forgetting" it somewhere...

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Maybe I should have knitted in a GPS locator! LOL

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Very nice. I have made several seaman's scarves as gifts and find them fun to knit.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very nice job, Mark, as always! I agree with Calvin on liking the change from the neck to the 'body' of the scarf.

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Thanks Ken. The ribbed neck portion of the scarf is what makes it a traditional seaman's scarf. It's practical. The front is wide enough to be warm and is the part that is used to show off some knitting skills.

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Mark, Nice Job! JRob

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Beautiful work, Mark.

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I like it, good lines. Hope your brother enjoys it.
It looks so soft. I can't imagine how he could leave that anywhere.

What a beautiful scarf. Can you share or do you have the source of the pattern?

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Thanks for the kind words. It's called the Jacob's Ladder Scarf and you can find it for free at...


I wanted slipstich edging and I think if I make another one, I will stay with the seed stitch as the designer suggests.



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Love it Mark!

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Thank you Michael! I'm glad you got to see it in person at the retreat.