Happy Memorial Day, everyone. To the men on here who has or is currently serving our country, thank you.

My younger sister's favorite color is neon green. Now that neon colors are back in for the moment, I found a colorway at Knit Picks that she would like.

As I was adding the rainbow colorway socks to Ravelry, I noticed that I have a colorway that is almost exactly like these; the Knit Picks Chroma in the Lollipop colorway. Oh well, not to worry. I must say, though, that I wasn’t that crazy about the the Crystal Palace Mini Mochi yarn. The single ply is okay, but with difference in the thickness and thinness of the the yarn, it kind of throws off your gauge. I tried them on before blocking and found that they seemed to be a lot more snug than my other socks, but haven’t tried them on yet after blocking. Even though they were wearable before blocking, I hope they’re a tad bit looser now. Because of this, I don’t know that I would order this yarn again, even though they have some beautiful colorways.

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Really Bright, but I will wear them myself. Good job

KenInMaine's picture

Those are some great looking socks! Fun color choices as well.

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Those are some bright green socks. Looks great.
Hope your sister enjoys them. The rainbow colorway is great.

Do you work them one at a time, or both at once?

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As always, stunning workmanship. I love the colors as well, although the green might cause blindness if knitting them in the sun.

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Quite nice. I figure your sister will be the envy of her friends...hand knit socks and bright to boot.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments.

Wonderful socks! I love the bright colors. I am impressed with your workmanship.