Paralympic Gold Medal

About an hour ago, one of my former students from two years ago visited me at school. He is on the USA Paralympic Hockey team and just got back from Sochi, Russia. We had parent-teacher conferences tonight and he brought his gold medal over for me to see. I was so touched and honored that he would do that. I had fun holding and wearing the medal and posing with him. His name is Brody Roybal and is the youngest member of the team at age 15, and one of the most genuinely nice people on the planet. I just wanted to share this excitement with all you guys. This is a great moment in my life and a very fitting sendoff as I prepare to retire in May.


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How wonderful!
Good for you, Mark!
He obviously thinks very highly of you...

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It is I who am most impressed with him. I am just happy as a clam that he thought to come over to visit. I thought that there would have been a line a mile long filled with those much more important and influential than me. He made me feel very special indeed.

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I have no words! You have to be so proud of him. I send e-hugs to you both!!! Terry

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OK Mark you made my tear up at 7:22 a.m. out here in California. What a beautiful joy to have this experience in one's life. You must be very special. But then we all here at MWK know that. John

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Trust me, it was a flood fest when he came in and surprised me. I have never be so moved before. The waterworks just spewed forth. He was the same. His mom and dad were there too and they were teary eyed as well. Such an emotional bunch. I am so honored that he is in my life and and that he has allowed me to be in his. He's a great kid!


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How wonderful. I am amazed at the human spirit and the character of some of these athletes is beyond the physical indeed. You both look very proud.

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Andy, this boy has so much human spirit. He is so humble and kind. I had a long talk with he and his parents about protecting what he has just begun to build. As with Michael Phelps, a misplaced picture on social media can ruin a person's life, almost immediately after it had begin. I want the very best for he and his family. They are so wonderful.

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That is a delightful addition to my day. Congrats to both of you.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Heartwarming picture and story, Mark.

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A true teacher opens the mind so the student can learn and in doing so leaves a little of themselves in the students heart.

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Thanks for the compliment, Chris. With students like Brody, it is so easy to open minds to new possibilities.


What a feeling of accomplishment for you! This sure shows signs of a true "teacher" (also a cool medal too)

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Teaching Brody was a pleasure. He made it easy for me to look good.