Stash Busting pattern

This is a pattern I copied from someone that had photocopied it from somewhere else -- you know how it goes. There were a few notations on the pattern as some people tend to do, so I had to try and clean those out. It's a relatively simple pattern, and you can adjust size by using different weights of yarn and appropriate needle sizes. I have knit some with more stitches, just because I wanted a size larger. One thing to note is that the fabric will stretch a lot, so don't think it is going to be too small until you are done, and try it on. I also noticed that you can knit it very tight or dense, because it will stretch out a lot once on the foot, and you may not want any spaces between the stitches in that case. But you will learn what you want to do only by doing it. You can knit up one sock in an evening very easily, possibly a pair in a longer stretch.

I'm going to try and attach a PDF of the pattern -- let's see how it works. Ooops, looks like I can't attach anything when replying; have to start a new blog entry!

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Thanks so much for sharing, I'll have to give them a try!

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This is a great pattern for my knitting group!! We're always looking for items to knit for charity. Thanks so much!! I'm going to share it with them right now!!!! TERRY

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Thanks for sharing this.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I have knitted several of these, the patter I use is called Aunt Maggies Slippers, but its exactly the same. I use (dare I say it) red heart since these will hit the washing machine many times. Even with red heart they are soft and comfortable.

Its a real quick knit, I can do a pair in about 4 to 6 hours.

Thanks for sharing this pattern. I will share it with my knit groups also.