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Here's a hat I'm knitting with my friend, Luke. He's much further than I am but I'm not letting that bother me. I really like the interior texture; it may become the outside once the hat is finished. The yarn is from Mountain Meadows mill, here in Wyoming.

The sock is a variant on Jacqueline Fee's "Spiraling Purls", combining elements from the original 17th century sock and the pattern she published in "Piecework" about 4 years ago. The yarn is from the swag at the first Rocky Mountain knitting retreat and is by Skeindalous.

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Great looking stuff that you're working on. The sock pattern is especially nice as are the yarns...good choices!

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Thanks. The pattern for the socks is from the Jan/Feb 2010 "Piecework" magazine and is the "Brewster Socks". [The other name is what I call my version as it takes elements of Ms. Fee's version and the original.]

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Beautiful work, Joe. I enjoyed watching you at last year's retreat while you were knitting. You always take such care in your work. The final product certainly proves that it pays off! Well done on both projects.

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Thank you very much. I didn't notice that I'm overly careful in my knitting...I've been at it so long that I wouldn't because it's a habit.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Lovely work, Joe. The socks are very interesting to me. AND the yarn - not too beautiful. I am going to look for some while in Canada.

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Thank you, Ken. This pattern can be fun. [See below for particulars.] Skeindalous is a small independent dyer in Colorado and has done custom colorways to support the Rocky Mountain retreat. I don't know if she sells through shops but is on the internet, possibly through This Eartha sock yarn has in intriguing to knit with and I look forward to seeing how it does when worn.

ETA: The Mountain Meadows yarn is available through yarn shops and - I believe - their website. Totally spun with fleeces from Wyoming flocks in a small mill in Buffalo, WY.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.