I finished this pair of socks for my friend, Alyson. I’ve been working on my Summit Shawl (Wrap), but took a break from it so that I could do her socks. I’ve been promising her a pair, so thought that I would get them done so that she can wear them while the weather is cold. I didn’t realize that Lion Brand’s Sock yarn was considered sport weight; at least that’s what Ravelry said when I plugged in the information for the yarn. I don’t see anywhere on the lable that it is. I hope this didn’t throw off my gauge. I think they’ll still fit her, though.

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those are very cute, nice job

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Very nice work sir!!! might I ask the name of that yarn? And where did you buy it?

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Thank you, Terry. It's Lion Brand's Magic Stripes. Colorway #203, Lot #6. It was given to me by a friend a while ago, so I don't know where it came from. Sorry. Have a good one.

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Great job, Calvin! The colors are vibrant. They will brighten up any winter cold that comes Alyson's way! Hope you didn't get caught up in all the snow that traveled up the Eastern coast.

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Thank you, my friend.

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Thanks, Andy. Enjoy your day in beautiful San Francisco!

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So that explains why my Lion Brand socks are a bit denser than normal. Still, those are a great looking pair of socks and I hope Alyson enjoys them. BTW: The density may help keep the feet warmer...seems to be the case for me.

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Thanks, Joe. I appreciate that. If I use Lion Brand's sock yarn for myself, it'll probably be for house socks. I don't think I would enjoy trying to wear socks that dense with out-of-doors shoes.

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I just looked at Lion's site and it looks like this yarn is discontinued and yes, it is a sport weight, 24 sts/4". Their Sock-ease is fingering 30sts/4". You will find this difference in other brands also, FYI. Most of the brands I'm thinking of will call the heavier weight 6-ply (sport in the US) and regular sock yarn 4-ply (fingering in the US). The reason that the mills started doing a heavier yarn in the self striping stuff a few years ago was that people wanted to do knit sweaters, hats etc and still get the same effect as the socks, so the yarn companies accommodated them and added a whole lot of confusion for the sock knitters!

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Thank you for that information, Shawn. I had no idea there was a heavier "sock" yarn out there. I appreciate you taking the time to find that.