So, what are you guys working on this weekend? I have two things currently on the needles that I’m working on. One is another pair of socks for my friend Mark. I think I like this yarn better than the yarn I used for the other pair I knit for him. The other thing I’m working on is a hat in left-over sock weight yarn. Since I’ve never used this weight for a hat before, I thought that I would never get through the K2, P2 ribbing. I use a software program called The Hat Wizard and it called for 2.5 inches of ribbing. I’m not crazy about the length of ribbing in this one. Next time, I think I will finagle the measurements and only do about 1.5 inches of ribbing. I guess I can always flip back on itself part of the ribbing.

I also have a software program called The Sweater Wizard. Do any of you guys use either of these programs? I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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Great colours in both yarns...particularly love that hat yarn!

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Thanks, Bill. I hope you're having a good weekend.

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Yes, I agree with Bill. The hat yarn is great!

I'm so out of the loop, I didn't know they hat knitting software. I'll have to see what that's all about.

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Thanks, Terry. According to what Mark said above, it may be hard to find now, but somewhere I'm sure a copy is available.

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I like the colors of both projects as well. You have a knack for choosing great colors.

I have both the Sweater Wizard and Sock Wizard software. I'm still playing around with both. There are so many decisions to make with the sock program. The Sweater Wizard is much easier to navigate.

I just read that the person responsible for making the software decided to retire, so it's no longer available. Even doesn't carry it anymore.

There is a Sweater Wizard at, but that's online. I have used it several times and it's pretty good, but it cautions you that there may be slight modifications that need to be made as you knit, such as how many stitches to add under the arms when beginning the torso of a raglan sweater in the round.


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Thank you, Mark. As I told you the other night, I tend to like colors/color combinations that Alexander Julian used in the early 80's. My all time favorite color though, is red; as in fire engine red.

I forgot to mention that I have the sock wizard too. To be honest, I've never had much luck with all three of them. Even the hat that I'm working on now that I used the hat wizard to calculate, isn't working out to my liking. I'll keep with though and see how I like the finished project. If I don't, I'll frog it. I've used the sweater wizard once, but the sweater didn't work out. There again, it may be user error. I've never used my sock wizard. To be honest, not sure why I bought it; all three really. I guess they're good tools to have at your disposal. I didn't know that about the software developer. Quel domage.

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Great work, love the color choices.

As for "Sweater Wizard" I have version 3. I have knit only one sweater using a pattern from it (My slipped stitch cardigan).

No complaints here. But having only tried one style, it is hard to say.
I will use it for my next sweater (top-down drop sleeve). Plan on casting on today, I will keep you posted.


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Quite interesting projects. Mine are:

1) I'm finishing up a washcloth in a pattern from the Nov/Dec 2013 "Piecework" magazine - that will go to a charity auction as part of a bath set.
2) Knitting on the foot of a sock based on a pattern by Jacqueline Fee with spiraling purl stitches as part of the design.
3) Probably beginning a chemo cap as a favor for a friend who knows someone in treatment.

Hope your weekend was great.

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