Stretchy Bind Off Suggestions Needed

I have finished the torso of my sweater and now need to do a stretchy bind off 1x1 rib. I have used Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind off on socks and it gives a bit of a ruffled edge, small but still there. I am wondering if there is another stretch bind off that doesn't give that effect. I don't think I need it to be that stretchy either. What have you all used?

I found one in which you knit two stitches together into the back of the stitch, then slide the remaining stitch from the right needle onto the left needle and repeat until the BO is complete. Has anyone used that one? It is from Steven West's pattern Pagona. Here is a video demonstrating it.

Any suggestions?



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I've used this Miraculous Elastic Bind Off on my last two pairs of toe-up socks and have liked it better than JSSBO for the same reason that you mentioned. Jenny's ends up kinda flared and ruffly. If you try it, let me know what you think!

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Hi Ken,
I will give your suggestion a try. I found that one earlier today and it seems pretty straight forward. I'll let you know how I like it after making a swatch.


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That bind off looks interesting. I very seldom need to bind off ribbing as I normally don't knit sweaters, etc. and do top down socks. That said, it will be a nice technique to remember for future use.

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Hey, Mark. I like Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind-off. It's stretchy and I find that it works well for the cuff bind-off for my socks.

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Thanks, Calvin. I will knit a swatch and give it a go.

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I find a regular bind off on the bottom of a sweater is all that is needed. It is quick and easy. Make sure you do not do it tightly and I am sure it will be ok. It is the last place you want a bind off that flares.

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Thanks, Ron. I agree. A bind off that flares is not the look I am going for. This winter has given me a bit of a gut that flares, which my very plain sweater has more than aptly pointed out to me when I tried it on.


A regular bind off is all that is needed. If you are too tight, use a larger size needle...if you are too loose, use a smaller needle. The Goldilocks will be just right !'

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Thanks Eric. I hadn't heard of using a larger needle to add a bit of stretch to things. I will certainly keep that in mind for my next project.


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You beat me to it. I did a couple of pairs of socks with the "extra stretchy bind off" but found it actually too stretchy. So now when I do toe-ups I just go up a millimeter or so in needle size and I get a really good workable bindoff that holds but isn't too tight.

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I have had good luck with the "tubular bind off"

Finished my "tip to cuff" gloves with it. So far, they are holding their shape nicely. No stretching noticeable after 6 months of almost daily use.

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Thanks, Stephen. I will put this in my every-growing encyclopedia of BO stitches. I'm not sure why so many rows are needed just to bind off and why there are three phases. It looks a bit complicated so I will have to study it more closely.