Looking For Neon Orange Wool Yarn

Hello guys! My son has requested a pair of slippers from The Knitting Man(ual). He wants neon orange, or at the least very bright orange. I want to make them for him in 100% wool, without spending an arm and a leg. I can find plenty of acrylic neon orange yarn. I found some yarn that is close to 100%, but not in the neon/bright colors. We want to keep the cost down to about $20 and I will need two balls of worsted weight yarn with at least 130 yds.

Any suggestions?




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You might try Patons Classic Wool DK Superwash in Pumpkin. It's reasonably priced, 100% wool. It is on the heavier side of DK though, almost worsted.

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Bartlett Yarns has a 2-ply in Bright Orange. A skein has 210 yards of wool for $8.60 and it is a sturdy, American made wool and should do well for your project. It can be rough when worked but softens up and blooms nicely when washed/blocked.


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I love a brand called Rain City! That's almost all they make.... check them out! I believe they are on Esty and Ravelry and they also have their own website.


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Thank you guys! I knew you would give me good suggestions! I really appreciate it.


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ravelry has a thread right now about safety orange...

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Knit picks bare yarn, 4 packets of orange kool aid and a crock pot.From AKQGuy
Atleast, that worked for me. Though this was made from my own hand spun. It was my 2nd or 3rd attempt at spinning. It was made from the knit picks bare roving but they have a whole line of bare yarns now too, ready for dying experimentation that you can find here:


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Thanks Q. Yarn dying is not in the cards for me anytime soon, but thanks for the insight.