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My school district canceled school today, so I busied myself getting a project done for a friend of mine. Initially, I was just planning on doing the socks, but had enough yarn left over to do a hat as well. So, he gets both. I tried something different with the socks. I used the heavy worsted wool, but instead of using the recommended US7 or US8 needles, I used US5. Since the socks were being done by following a math proportion pattern, I just had to focus on inches instead of number of stitches. My goal was to make very thick feeling socks. It worked. It was a bit tiring on my hands but it all came out just fine. The ribbing on the socks was done with US5 while the ribbing on the hat was US7. The hat is softer and fluffier, but the socks are sturdier, which is what I wanted. My friend will be wearing them under boots.


I forgot to put the link to the hat pattern in the first posting of this. I shall do it now. It is the Jacques Cousteau by Lalla Pohjanpalo and can be found here:

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Now those look warm and cozy. Great work.

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Thanks for the kind words, Calvin. I may have to make a pair for myself next!

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Those worked up really well, Mark. I'm glad you took my advice on the US5 needles. [I did mention that to you, right?] It can be rough on the hands to knit them but the durability makes up for it.

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Yes, you did, Joe. I appreciate the insight. You are right, it is rough on the hands to squeeze all that yarn between much smaller needles. They will stand the test of time, I'm sure. Thanks again!

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Ha-ha You are right -- socks should be knit on smaller needles than other knitting. I am working on a pair (for over a year, but that is another story) and using fairly small needles. The stitches are very firm. When I showed the beginnings to some knitting friends, they all laughed! And the socks can indeed almost stand by themselves! But they should wear well, even though the fabric may seem stiff. I think they will work well as socks. I am at the heel, so who knows when they will get done!

I do like your white ones, and the hat. They do look soft and comfy. I do think your friend will appreciate them very much. Now, watch for hints that he needs another pair! LOL

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You are very welcome.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Lovely work. I always think socks and mittens should be knit with needles much smaller than the size that is suggested. Lucky friend.

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Thanks for your kind words! I enjoy making things for others. This man is a dear friend who is on a limited income even though he's working as a minister. So he saves on using propane to heat his home and keeps his home mid 60s. The socks will help him a lot.


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Those look great! You have a lucky friend.

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They are Extra Cute! He is going to LOVE them!


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As always, your work is incredible. Your friend is going to thoroughly enjoy your hard work and kindness.


Great work Love the hat!

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The socks look great! Will tuck needle size recommendation in the back of my mind for when I get the courage to attempt a pair.

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Thanks for posting the link to the hat pattern, Mark. I like that hat. I've got a friend who just lost all her hair behind an experimental treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and she asked me for a hat. I'm going to show her this one and see what she thinks. Thanks, Mark. Tom