Snow Snow Snow

No Knitting to share this time, just photos of what NW burbs of Chicago look like with 13" of snow in two days and there is more falling. Why do we live in this climate!?
Now where did I put that ticket to the tropics?



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It is just hitting us in south central PA. About 3 inches in the past hour. I hope most goes north of here.

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Brings back memories of our big snowstorms at the end of 2013. [I almost said "earlier this year"...still getting my head wrapped around 2014.]
Hope all is well and that you don't end up in a major power outage, etc. At least you have knitting to occupy you if unable to go to work, etc.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thankfully, I have this week off. Back to school on Monday when we will have temps projected at minus 5 to minus 10 BEFORE windchill. Brrrr!

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EEEeeeewwwww!! Thank goodness you have plenty of hand knit woolen items to help keep you warm.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I do indeed, Joe! And I can always snuggle up under my stash if necessary as well.

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Astounding. It sure is beautiful, though. It looks like a "winter wonderland".

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my daughter just sent this...she's in Boston.
The "fluff factor" with such cold weather will increase the snowfall totals. Here's the formula:

1 inch of water at 30 degrees = 10 inches of snow
1 inch of water at 23 degrees = 15 inches of snow
1 inch of water at 17 degrees = 20 inches of snow


We got 7 here. I hate to say this but it does look pretty in pictures. And something very soothing about it too. HOWEVER its a bitch to deal with. LOL. Suppose to get 6 more this weekend. So finishing up on pair of socks and knitting blanket for my pet.

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I spent a lot of time in Chicago back in the 80s and at least half of my memories involve freezing my butt off in one manner or another! (Since Chicago does also have a summer, you can guess what the rest of them involve...) It's pretty though. And spring really means something there!

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It looks wonderful! I've been staring at it out of the window since it started, during it's falling and now! I love it!


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Why do we live in this climate? Chicago is a great city. Fantastic museums, a great aquarium, a world class botanic garden, a fabulous symphony, a glorious opera, beaches, Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, great restaurants - I can think of a million reasons to want to live there. You're one lucky dude bro!

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Make's me miss my time in PA. I really miss sound of it crunching underfoot. Snow is so much fun for a week or two. What I won't miss is all the "puppy surprises" next spring.

Currently here:
24F at 88% humidity, what I like to call a "bone shaking cold". It is not quite the "booger freezing cold" many of ya'll are used to. Maybe next week when we dip into the low teens for several day.

Stay safe, stay warm.