Back at it!

Hey all! Got a late start but back int the knitting game for the winter. Having lived in Dallas for a couple years 80 degree weather in December somehow seemed inappropriate for knitting. Now that I'm back in the New England area I'm enjoying my tea and knitting meditation time. Currently working a cable cowl neck. A little under halfway through...Also got this really beautiful burgundy colored worsted medium (4) weight yarn, merino wool. Any suggestions on what to do with it? Would love to do something fun with it for men or women as a gift. Happy knitting!


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Welcome back, Edwin!
...the striped cowl looks great!

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Thank you! It wasn't actually supposed to be striped. The swatch was more speckled so I was surprised when it turned out the way it did. It's growing on me now, though the stripe does distract from the cabling and seed stitch patterns.

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I like the cowl. Where did you get the pattern?

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I got it from the lionbrand yarn website...I'll find the link and post it.

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Welcome back and the cowl looks great. That burgundy yarn would make a nice scarf and even another version of the cowl that you are currently knitting. Take care.

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I love cowls. I made two for the winter and I am using both of them. The pattern I used was yang-yang from Steven West very easy to do in chunky yarn. And with -6 temps here its added warmth. I too love to knit and drink tea. I agree with you. I turn off all electrical things and just have the quiet of the house. Really relaxes me and gives me peace I need. HOWEVER do not do a complicated lace pattern and do the above, it just doesn't work for me. LOL