Catnip Advice and Follow Up

Howdy Gentlemen!
I am making a new snake-like tube that I want to fill with either catnip, or something else that has been soaked in catnip. Have any of you made something like this? If so, what did you use to stuff it and how did you integrate the catnip into it? I tried some dried catnip last year and the toy was not as well liked as those bought at the pet store. Any suggestions?


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catnip can vary greatly in strength, depending on the conditions it was grown in, dried in, stored in....
as well as variability from plant to plant.

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I'm afraid this is something I don't know anything about. I've never made catnip toys but I do know that the freshness of the catnip plays a bit role. Lots of luck with the experiment.

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Mark you can get catnip oil in most health food stores. Its kinda like making kittie potpourri. Best is to grow your own. Its a perennial but can be invasive. So if you don't want to go that route, buy the dried then get the oil from a health food store, it shouldn't cost that much. Mix up in a jar with lid that closes tight. Let it sit in a dry dark place for a few weeks. Then just scoup out what you need. Remember in using the oil a little goes a long way. (id put a few drops were 1/4 cup)

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I have not made a pet toy.
I did knit my nephew a hacky sack last year for Christmas. I filled it with silica gel from the packets used to absorb moisture. To keep the tiny beads from leaking out, I tied them pantyhose.

Hope this helps.

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Follow up:
I found a pretty good technique for integrating catnip into a creation. Before stuffing the item with polyester fiber, pull it apart and then incorporate the catnip inside the fiber fill. Stuff it into the toy. I have found a number of sources online that suggest that only one end have the catnip, especially if your cat is highly susceptible to the effects of the mint. Our cat gets fairly aggressive when he plays with catnip toys, so I will probably opt for less than more.