Hiking Socks

Just finished a new pair of sock using the white wool/acrylic yarn that we were gifted with at the retreat. They are really nice and thick as they are heavy worsted but using US5 needles made the foot and heel tighter and I think that will make them a bit stronger.

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Very nice looking, Mark!

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Thanks, Tom!

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Good work! I didn't realize worsted weight would work for socks. What kind of heel is that? Terry.

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There are lots of patterns out there for worsted weight socks. I learned on that weight because it was easier to manage. Here is a good site you may want to visit.


I don't know if the heel really has a name, I just know there are no wrap-and-turn stitches. The hardest thing is an SSK or K2tog. I like simple. She has other heel designs that I haven't tried yet because I think they involve wrap-and-turn stitches.

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Nice looking socks. I used to use size 7 for worsted weight, then dropped down to size 5 - or 4 - to make a more durable fabric.

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Thanks. That's exactly why I did it. I don't know if it would make much difference using a 5 or 4, so went with the 5. I do like the fit...nice and snug but still breathes well. Not bad for 80% acrylic/20% wool.


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Yes, very nice. I like the shape of the toes on them.

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Thanks! I decided to make the toes 12 stitches to that it would be wider. I don't have wider feet, necessarily, but for wearing them in boots it might give a bit more padding and warmth at the toe. I often wear socks out at the big toe. These socks don't put as much stress on that area of the sock.

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Happy Belated Birthday

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Thanks, Stephen! I had a nice day.