Free Online Crafty Class

Has anyone from the retreat tried to take advantage of the free pass for an online course at Craftsy? I went to the URL and then chose the Steven West shawl class and it takes me to the checkout where a credit card is required. I logged in correctly. Any suggestions?




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FAQs at says:

"You got a Craftsy class as a gift, congratulations!

To redeem your gift, just follow the link you received in your gift email from Craftsy. If you already have the class in your cart that you are interested in enrolling in as a gift, just make sure to remove the class first, then follow the link so you'll see the class appear for free. If you are having trouble please send an email to with the gift link you received and we'll make sure you can redeem your gift and get started on your class right away."

Did you receive anything that has a "Gift Code" number on it?

If not, email the help address above.

They also offer a variety of "Free Mini-Classes" but those are available to anyone . . .

Helpful? Probably you have already done these things . . .

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Thanks, Hamilton. I will email Craftsy. I have seen some of their mini-classes for free. They are well done.

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I gave my coupon to a friend. I hope she doesn't have any problems. If so , this will be good information to pass on to her.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Joe, I'll let you everyone know once I learn what to do.

I contacted with the problem. She saw the class still in my basket, and assigned the class to me.

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I contacted Craftsy and they added the class I wanted and I have already watched a couple lessons in the Steven West Shawlscapes course. If you need help in accessing a your free class, just email: and let them know which course you want. I suggest that you include the URL that was at the bottom of the free pass that you were given.


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You can't take that class!!! That's the one I wanted. :)
Hopefully there's still some of the class left over by the time I get to it.

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typically 2000-3000 people sign up for those classes...I think you'll get in.

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I've watched the first couple lessons. He's very good. While his designs are beautiful, they aren't very difficult to execute, which is good. I'll have to shop around to see what I can find as I have a request from my mother to make her a shawl.

When you take the class, let me know and we can compare notes.