I can't believe it's been almost 3 years since I posted anything on this site. And just re-read all the nice comments about my work. So a very belated "thank you" for all of your comments and compliments.

Life's been kind of stressful and relatively bizarre the past few years. Dealing with retirement, relocating, getting older, just plain adjusting have become the focus of my life.

Throughout, though, when the inspiration or enthusiasm strikes, I've managed to work on some knitting. It's a fine, but solitary, pursuit, though one I seem to be rather suited to. I tried joining a local Men's Knitting Group earlier this year, but since my techniques and interests seem rather advanced and/or idiosyncratic compared to the other knitters (I don't mean to step on anyone's toes, but I don't much see the point of knitting socks or dish cloths -- especially since I don't wear socks these days ), and I tend to work on a rather large scale, it's kind of hard to sit around a table at a local coffee shop knitting.

I also tend to create my charts on the computer and it's easier to sit here working off the designs because I can zoom in and out at will, for which my old eyes are grateful.

In general, I've still been concentrating on working on large pieces with acrylic yarns. There's an anti-snob part of me that wants to show that you can come up with some really unique pieces and designs without investing (in monetary terms) a great deal in them.

Anyway, I thought I'd post pics of some of the things I've been working on. The first is sort of a "crazy quilt" design (I sort of combine knitting with quilting since I knit in panels and blocks and piece them all together as I work) that started with me playing around with some scrap yarn and figuring out how to knit a "Tree of Life" pattern. It sort of "grew" from there. I started incorporating various "seasonal" designs (flowers, trees in various seasons, etc.) and as I was working that Joni Mitchell song "The Circle Game" kept going through my head. You know, "The seasons, they go round and round...and the painted ponies go up and down...we're captives on the carousel of time". Well, a year and a half later, you can see the end result. For fun, I decided the left panel should be devoted to Joni, and came up with some designs that refer to specific songs: "Big Yellow Taxi", "Woodstock", "Car on the Hill". One block is my knit interpretation of Van Gogh's "Starry Night", who Joni refers to in her song "Turbulent Indigo". Shows you how my mind works! LOL The finished piece is about 6 X 6 feet and I've got it hanging on a wall right now.

The second piece I finished just this past June. One of my oldest friends shares her birthday with Meryl Streep (same date, same year). I've often wanted to give her something Meryl-related for her birthday and this is what I came up with. I called it "Marvelous Meryl" and incorporated not only the birthday, but all 17 of Meryl's Oscar nominations and three Oscar wins. Here's the end result.

I've pretty much depleted my cache of yarns on both of these, so I've been trying to figure out what to do with my cheapo Red Heart Yarns. Since I had so much fun working on the various Meryl's, I thought I'd try my hand with some other Hollywood figures and see what I can come up with. Here are a few samples, of varying degrees of success. Not sure what this all will amount to right now, but that's half the fun of doing this. My ideas just sort of evolve that way.

Would love to hear from anyone who works this way. Your questions and comments (suggestions) are always appreciated.


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I'm sure you've already had many people tell you to exhibit these handsome and whimsical works or to create a book of your designs. Talk about magnificent . . . you are so creative. Thanks for generously sharing!

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Loving Hollywood! Bette, James, Gregory, Meryl... EVERYTHING!!! Absolutely too Marvelous for Words! I LOVE!!!!


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Fantastic work! I can't imagine a better hobby/pastime to enjoy during the retirement years. Welcome back:)


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Thanks everyone. It's good to be back.

I'm working on Cary Grant right now. I'll keep you all posted!

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WOW! Absolutely love them. How inspiring. Have you done a work up of the Beatles?


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Amazing designs and knitting.

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Those are great, Jerry. You could probably put on a one man show with those.


I started with Red Hearts in High school made two shaws for international exchange students, one from Sweden another from Austria. (I trust they still have them) that was like in 1970's It was the only yarn that I knew.
I love the work you do. The colors are wonderful I love the Bette David one! I have to admit though I love knitting my socks. Kinda hooked on them. however did manage a nice Stephen West cowl for the winter.