S1pwise Help

Could someone help me with a technique issue.
I am knitting a Matthew Scarf and every w/s row starts with a s1pwise. My problem is if I make a mistake and have to unpick my stitches and reknit the s1pwise, I end up with a big ugly loop of yarn at the beginning of the row. I have tried twisting the s1pwis stitch before I reknit the s1pwise, but it is noticeable. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Drew

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it should even out on blocking. but you can redistribute some of the yarn back to the stitch next to it with a little judiscious poking with your needle tip.

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I often modify the pattern so I slip the last stitch purlwise, moving the yarn in front. Then I just knit the first stitch as normal. You still get the chain edge effect but I find - for me - that the chain edge is more even, even if I have to pick it back out and reknit. For some odd reason, though, I find I don't forget to slip the stitch very often - unlike slipping the first stitch. Maybe it's because of using this same technique for so many years.

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